The UK’s leading innovator in the Manned

Guarding sector

A new proactive approach to service


SSGC Ltd have produced a truly unique service offering with a technology/manpower blend that sets the standard for Manned Guarding in the UK. Its core service components are:

bullet_triangle_blueAn ACS approved (and top 5%) sector specific manned guarding solution
bullet_triangle_blueA bespoken customers centric Crime analytics system (CrimeLab)
bullet_triangle_blueAn online order management system
bullet_triangle_blueA Rapid deployment temporary guarding service
bullet_triangle_blueAn automated customer satisfaction polling system
bullet_triangle_blueEnsuring customers are afforded the very best protection available from high
      quality security team

A management buy out in 2014 has given SSGC’s customers the best of both worlds; the experience of a company first incorporated in 2002 refreshed with a determined approach to set the standard in an ageing industry. Centred around its control centre in Swindon SSGC’s customers can expect as standard:

bullet_triangle_blueYour own web based crime Analytics platform
bullet_triangle_blueA hot site listing based on a client led threat profile
bullet_triangle_blueSecurity Officers controlled through web based technology
bullet_triangle_blueCrime reviews embedded into management visits
bullet_triangle_blueCountermeasure suggestions for any identified threat increase
bullet_triangle_blueAutomatic escalation for serious threat changes
bullet_triangle_blueAn ability to deploy temporary manpower robustly
bullet_triangle_blueA survey solution that ensures end users are content

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